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Don’t let it take catching something you can’t get rid of or a broken heart that seems unfixable to know your worth and slow down the amount of people you let in your life emotionally and sexually. Everyone doesn’t deserve your body. Sure, have your fun. But respect yourself. People who have HIV don’t wear signs. You could kiss someone and get herpes. Pretty blunt but true. Sex will always be sex. It will always be the same concept - maybe just a bit more creative. Don’t sell yourself short is all I guess I’m trying to say. These days it’s better to wait for someone that you know you can trust than be blindly taken advantage of and left with life long consequences. Protect yourself. Sexually and emotionally.
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I’m not okay with everyone saying nigga, nigguh, nicca, niqquh, nigger or anything else implying the word. It is not a word that everyone can use. IT IS NOT
Shit, even black people shouldn’t use it so lightly. But I’m not okay with these girls saying “I love my nigga”. Too much history to wipe and act like it is okay. I know this is tumblr, land of the free and everything goes. But don’t put that shit attached to my name or my posts.

tothewildside asked:

Hello Skye!I I have a question. what made you become a free spirtual person?


It was never really a choice. I think naturally being an artist I have always been somewhat out of the box. I have come to accept that it’s a beautiful thing to be at peace with your spirit. I like being barefoot all the time (even on stage). I like dancing randomly in the street. I like singing at the top of my lungs even if every note is flat. We are the only ones who can cage ourselves. I encourage people to worry less about what’s cool and prove that being dope isn’t defined by one type of personality. If you are truly transparent and honest with who you are, people can do nothing but respect that.

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